The Truth Behind Charities in Disguise

The case of Child Fund International and World Vision India

Most of us have seen advertisements on TV, internet, magazine, newspapers and other media about “charities” that work for needy children, social causes, poorer sections of the society etc. The images of impoverished children are heartbreaking and you feel like contributing, even if it is a small amount, towards the cause of those in need. However, several questions arise, like who are these so-called charities, why are they so interested in uplifting the poor, and more importantly, where do they spend the money collected in donations? This article strives to answer these questions

Child Fund International

This organization was formerly known as Christian Children’s Fund. They are a Christian organization with the goal of converting Hindus, Sikhs, Jains, Buddhists and people of other religion in India into Christians. It is a form of crusade (Christian war) with the single goal of converting India into a Christian nation. The “charity” part is just a front for their heinous intentions in the background.


The fact that they changed their name to remove the Christian part is proof that they are trying to deceive the public, and using common person’s money to destroy their valuable culture, traditions and faith.

Do they actually support the poor and the under-privileged Children? They do provide them some alms which are meager, in return of converting their faith. A very small percentage of the money goes towards this, and that too for wrong reasons. Children still remain malnourished and are often subjected to abuse, including sexual abuse by Christian priests, that is so prevalent in the Christian church.

 ImageAt the time of writing this article, Sridevi – the well-known Indian movie actress —  has been recruited   to raise funds for this organization. This is likely to boost the fundraising and hence increase the pressure on non-Christians to convert. It is pathetic that a leading public figure is helping anti-social and anti-national organizations. Does Sridevi not know about the intentions of this organization, or has she sold her soul in return of money? These are questions that only Sridevi can answer…

World Vision India

This is another charity-in-disguise that has launched a crusade against India and its heritage by converting everyone into Christians. The snapshot of their webpage (at the time of writing this article) is shown here and speaks of itself. Their goal is to collect money from the same people who they intend to harm.world_vision_india_christian_convert

Note how a Hindu child is depicted in the picture, which gives the impression to the unsuspecting public that the money is going towards the general population, when the real intention is to convert the poor into Christians.

Many more…

The above two organizations are not alone. Hundreds of such “charitable” organizations, Churches, Christian missionaries, and other Christian organizations have popped up after getting encouragement from the administration of Antonia Edvige Albina Maino (Sonia Gandhi).

The goal of these organizations is to make India a Christian nation on the direction of Pope and other Christian leaders.

Our donations at work… against us

The money that we donate to these organizations ends up working against us, our families and against the future of our own children. The intention of this article is to inform the general public about the real reason of the existence of these organizations, and to let people know how their money is being used. Please make your decisions wisely before contributing to any organization.

If you have already donated to one of these organizations, you may ask them to return your donation and contribute elsewhere to a just cause.

AFRE’s stance on this matter

AFRE strongly condemns any actions towards illegal Christian conversions. Taking advantage of the poor is a clear and direct violation of basic human rights and is not only unethical, immoral, and against the teachings of Christ, but is also punishable according to local and international laws.


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