Is Aamir Khan Lying about Humanity Trust?

After the word got out about Aamir Khan’s Satyamev Jayate collecting donations for building a Mosque (including AFRE’s poting here) , the TV show’s website reported that the news is incorrect. The statement from Satyamev Jayate’s website is shown below:

” It has come to our notice that perhaps some vested interests are trying to misguide the people at large about our show Satyamev Jayate and the organisations that we choose to support through our show. We would like to place on record that in our episode no.4, which was on health care, we have highlighted and supported the organisation called Humanity Trust, Hanspukur, West Bengal and not Humanity Trust, Chennai. Humanity Trust, Hanspukur, West Bengal, is a charitable hospital run by Dr. Ajoy Mistry and his mother, Subhashini Mistry. Humanity Trust, Hanspukur, West Bengal is doing excellent work in the field of health care and provides free medical facilities to the poor. We urge you to visit to know more about the work that they are doing and we urge you to support them in any way that you can. I would request supporters of our show to circulate this message so as to remove any misinformation that may have been spread by some mischief makers. Love. Aamir.”

While Aamir Khan blames “vested interests” to “misguide the people”, the Humanity Trust website blames Aamir Khan and his show. According to the website “there is a miss communication done in the TV Program conducted by Mr. Amir Khan”.

The following screenshot of the Humanity Trust website puts all arguments to rest (click to enlarge):


Further, there is the issue of disclosure — the statement does not explicitly confirm that the funds are only used for legit purposes of helping the under-privileged, nor does it say whether Aamir Khan or his team/show have dictated charities how to use the funds. A full and detailed disclosure is necessary when dealing with public funds.


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