Aamir Khan — A true Indian or a radical Muslim?

A new TV show in India, Satyamev Jayate, has been very popular. It claims to create awareness about social issues in India, and is hosted by film actor Aamir Khan.

While the show pretends to be secular and pro-India, it has been learned that it is mainly a front for maligning India and showing its dirt to the rest of the world. While developed nations in the west try to put their best foot forward, Mr Khan has chosen to do quite the opposite… Do we see any shows on skid row in Los Angeles orin other major cities in the USA? Is there any newspaper, TV channel or media outlet in India that publishes the vast abuses of Children and women by the Church. Do they talk about the peaceful pilgrims being burned alive in Godhra?

It is further learned that the donations collected by Satyamev Jayate are used for promoting a particular religion — that of Mr Khan!! The donations have been diverted to an organization called the Humanity Trust, which, according to its website, will use the funds to build a Mosque. This is clearly a case of defrauding the viewers of this widely popular show.

The screenshot from the website of Humanity Trust is included below for reference (please click to see full-sized image) :


Further, the webpage from Axis Bank that collects donations for Satyamev Jayate is also shown below for reference (please click to see full-sized image). It clearly shows that the donations are diverted towards the Humanity Trust.


About us: Americans for Freedom of Religious Expression is a global organization that promotes religious freedom around the world.

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